3 Affordable Detox Foods for Everyday Life

body detox

detox food at home

Detox treatment is to detoxify not only the body but also the mind. The result is new vitality, energy and enhanced internal balance. And if you use simple products in your kitchen, detox doesn’t have to be a bit expensive.


Detox is still a buzzword and can be found in teas, smoothies and dietary supplements.

Detox is still on everyone’s lips and is one of the prominent diet trends. But many can hide behind it. Some rely on juice cleansers, others rely on trend seeds à la chia, and others try a fasting treatment with a doctor.

Although the options are numerous, there are a few foods that are excellent at helping the body detoxify. If you’re healthy and strong, you can do it without the occasional expensive juice. Here are three classics you can do easily. Included in the diet.

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