A hearty recipe for carrot stew like East Germany! Affordable, hearty and really tasty: this soup reminds me of my childhood.

A hearty carrot stew that looks like your grandmother makes, a dish that reminds you of childhood memories. Photo: Imago/Agefotostock, Imago/Shotshop

What foods do you need to feel safe? Many will answer this. Delicious and hearty soup just like Grandma made it! Because everyone knows, Grandma makes the best stew. So it’s no surprise that soups are so popular as a comfort food. Putting a bowl of hot soup on the table brings back culinary memories of my childhood very quickly. For example with this recipe: Re-cook the classic carrot stew!

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Delicious Carrot Stew Recipe: This soup tastes like Grandma’s.

Made with sliced ​​carrots, diced potatoes and hearty, spicy meat ingredients, this hearty soup is not difficult to prepare, tastes good and doesn’t cost a lot of money! A large pot costs less than 5 euros and can be eaten for two days.

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Ingredients: 1kg carrot, 0.5kg potato, 500g minced meat, onion, garlic clove, about 2-3 liters of vegetable stock, salt, pepper, paprika powder, minced chives.

Preparation: Peel the carrots and potatoes, cut the carrots into thin slices and cut the potatoes into small cubes. Pour into the pan and pour the broth.

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The carrot stew is finished with a minced meat and onion mixture.

You will need enough vegetable broth so that the liquid is about an inch above the vegetables. Then cook until vegetables are cooked. In the meantime, heat a little oil in a separate pan, add chopped onion and minced garlic and saute. Then the minced meat comes in and is fried until crumbly, then seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika. When the vegetables are cooked, add the minced meat and onion mixture to the vegetable soup.

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Mix everything well and taste. Finally, add the chive rolls and give the stew a little extra. The finished soup tastes best if left for about 30 minutes. This goes well with fresh bread. Bon appetite!

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