Altbier is flowing again at Zooviertel in Dusseldorf.

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Altbier is flowing again in Zooviertel.

The long-closed Füchschen brewery bar at the zoo will open under new management next month. Tim Blumhoff wants to serve German cuisine and his wines, and “BaZ” should again become a real meeting place for his neighbours.

It was a glorious time in the early 1990s, when DEG became champions for the fourth time in a row and ex-heroes such as Peter John Lee and Chris Valentine extensively colored their success in the nearby Penguins. Celebrations often continued late into the night and old music flowed to the torrent. However, when this cozy pub and bistro became obsolete in the late 2000s, Peter Kampes, who bought the property in 1988, decided to renovate it. From then on, the rustic brewery style was in demand and well worth the investment. The Füchschen-Brauereiausschank am Zoo (BaZ for short) has become a favorite pub in the zoo district. region. Especially the spacious terrace was always full on a sunny day.

But last year, the store closed for six months after the last tenant left for Lower Kassel. And as Peter Kampes emphasized very consciously, his parent company is Burgplatz’s Goldener Ring and his son Alexander runs the neighboring D-Town. In the long run, he could have turned BaZ into an Indian or Greek restaurant, but “but I really wanted the brewery to remain,” says the 69-year-old, who is now going through all the other processes. According to Round Renovation, patio renovations, carpentry work, new paint, basement and cold storage renovations, and finally an all-new kitchen make a big difference.

At Tim Blumhoff, he has now found his ideal successor. The 35-year-old has 13 years of experience as a business and restaurant manager, most recently running a wine bar in Unterbilk. Raised in Grafenberg Forest, he now lives near Flingern. He removed the elephant from the logo and created a new logo for BaZ from his initials. He wants to turn the location back into a neighborhood gathering place, and the patio season is almost over, so he’s initially focusing on overeating and the kitchen. “I want to serve good German cuisine, mainly with local products,” says Blumhoff.

The menu ranges from hearty beef roulade to Düsseldorf mustard roast, with braised ribs on Wednesdays and goose down in November and December. “I also want to organize a small Christmas market with mulled wine huts, waffles and lentil soup. I will also sacrifice myself as Santa Claus,” said the new BaZ president, who also wants the people of Düsseldorf to watch the World Cup (not Sky) with him. The restaurant owner takes wine choices very seriously. Blumhoff said “We serve German wine. There is a parcel in Moselle.” Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Rosé Plus Homemade Sparkling Wines will be included in the wine list.

The opening will certainly be in October, even if everything inside still looks like a construction site. Blumhoff doesn’t think it’s a problem that he missed the summer business. “It might be better to do that. I have to be very careful with new hires and I don’t want to dive deep right away”. You need to buy a whole new piece of furniture for the next patio season.

He is delighted that one of the people Blumhoff had worked with in the past really wanted to be a waiter at BaZ. Likewise, the neighbors already wondered when the remodeling would start again. Peter Kampes is optimistic.

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