At the town square – star chef Sarah Wiener brings you to St. Cooked live at Andrä-Wördern.

Deputy Mayor Ulrike Fischer invited Green MEP and star chef Sarah Wiener to Chill and Cook in the courtroom kitchen. Before that she bought fresh vegetables from “Distelfink”. Daniel Steinlesberger and Jürgen Soecknick welcomed Vienna with a bouquet of herbs. She was satisfied with the variety of fruits and vegetables. This is because there are far fewer varieties to choose from in supermarkets and often long shipping routes. Since she was a beekeeper herself, she was particularly pleased that she also had an apiary on the Distlfink site.

Chefs are especially fond of heart tomatoes. Wiener tasted it on the spot and detailed the production process. Because well water is available, the general water scarcity is not so severe.

Daniel Steinlesberger, Sarah Wiener, Deputy Mayor Ulli Fischer and Jürgen Soecknick shopping at Gärtnerhof Distlfink.


Steinlesberger and Soecknick are also financially happy with their goldfish harvest. Don’t count how long it will take. On the other hand, work is fun and contributes to rethinking food.”

With a shopping cart full, the team drove to the court kitchen. The kitchen team has already done the prep work and Sarah Wiener has done it. Had vegetable soup, vegetable casserole and apricot dumplings. At the request of the people of Vienna, we prepared it with potato dough instead of tofu dough as usual.

Greens invited the Greens to Food and Drink, including Mayor Maximilian Titz, Mayor Wolfgang Seidl and Hans Müllner, Councilmember Miriam Hülmbauer and the kitchen and service team around Aida Maas Al Sania, Barbara Resl, Jasmin Gusterschitz. , Christine Hülmbauer, Lisa Fischer, Robert Hülmbauer and numerous guests enjoyed the great tasting.

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