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Today, barley is particularly important for malting, especially for making beer or whiskey from malt. However, it is also part of many traditional dishes such as soups and grains in the form of pearl barley.

Barley is one of the oldest grains known to mankind. Until the 16th century, picky grains were the most important grains in our latitudes. Later, as barley was more suitable for baking, it was increasingly replaced by wheat, a grain of bread.

Today, barley is mainly used to make malt, an important ingredient in beer and whiskey. To do this, soak until the barley kernels germinate, dry and grind.

Barley: From a War Food to a Delicacy

Peeled and ground barley kernels are part of soups and stews such as pearl barley.

Barley, in the form of pearl barley, is also part of many traditional dishes such as flours and soups. To do this, barley grains are peeled, ground and ground. Because it is peeled, it is particularly easy to digest, but it also has relatively low nutritional value.

Barley made from whole grains is called rolled barley, and barley made from grain is called pearl barley or pearl barley. Barley was long shunned as a war food, but today it is again popular as a sweet dessert with barley risotto or fruit.

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