Cadadia’s Vegetable Soup and Quiche

Despite the name, the waiting room is a public transport location and is often crowded. The train wants to go, and the connection is not to be missed. So it’s no surprise that Cadadia in Mitte, where white subway tiles, old newspapers, and green industrial lamps already gives the impression of a station bistro, is bustling and noisy as usual during peak hours at nearby S. -half station Friedrichstrasse. The room that can accommodate 35 people was packed with about 50 people at lunchtime.

past the mandatory blackboard

New arrivals only move past the counter. This gives you time to study your duty chalk in peace. Offers change weekly and consist mainly of soup. Today, for example, Berlin bean stew with bacon, lentil soup with vegan carrots or prunes. The Arab vegetable stew with couscous and mint looks most attractive (€4.95). There is also freshly baked brown bread, but according to the staff, it is absolutely not home-baked.

Cadadia’s offers change weekly.
© Moritz Hornard

Then it’s just a matter of moving the plate to one of the bar tables. It has the feel of a train station here too. Older tourists in baggy jackets and signet rings stand beside people in their mid-thirties pouring in from nearby offices, wearing woolen hats when dining. Equal meeting place. Sometimes inadvertently, when you take off your jacket and bump into a neighbor. “Bon appétit” makes a polite wish.

The quiche is made from puff pastry, not short crust pastry.

Arabian soup is one of the rustic types and has a very pleasant fruity flavor and sweetness. But when it comes to spices, the combination of tomatoes, carrots and peas is easy to find in Italy. On the safe side, we ordered the mushroom quiche (5.35 euros), which is more suitable for small to medium sized appetites. It is not flat and plump like a cake, but rather a puff pastry, not a short crust pastry, so it is voluminous and fluffy like a cheesecake. I think the yogurt dip can be flavored stronger next time. Think as you dip the plate. There is no time to procrastinate. The journey must go on. The next guest is already waiting.

address Charlotte. 63, Mitte, 030/346 20 808,,

open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm

interesting neighborhood Desserts are available at the Rausch Schokoladenhaus right next door.

Liberte.  The quiche is made from puff pastry, not short crust pastry.
Liberte. The quiche is made from puff pastry, not short crust pastry.
© Moritz Hornard

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