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Whether it’s a casserole, burger or salad: Grain is not only suitable for baking bread or cakes, but also for preparing hearty dishes. Tips for preparation and recipe ideas.

Cereals in the form of bread and pasta or breakfast muesli are an integral part of our menu. Spelled and oats, on the other hand, are rarely served as part of hearty, warm dishes. Different types of grains make great variations from potatoes or pasta and can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen.

Grain preparation: Soak overnight.

Grain Grains generally need to be allowed to rise before being prepared. To do this, first rinse thoroughly with a sieve. Then add 2-4 times the water and soak. Ideally for a few hours or overnight. Those who like a firm chewy texture use less water, and the more moisture, the softer the particles.

Overnight Oats: Ideal for Breakfast or Snack

Practicality: Using oats overnight will give you a healthy breakfast almost ready in the refrigerator in the morning.

Overnight oats are currently trending, especially for healthy breakfasts. To do this, soak the cereal flakes overnight in milk, water, or an alternative milk such as an oat or almond drink. Oat, millet or rice flour is suitable for this. Add chopped fruits and nuts the next day and you have a delicious breakfast. If you prefer savory, you can combine, for example, puffed flakes with avocado and boiled eggs.

Patties and Burgers: These grains work great.

Beef and Green Spell Burgers on a Board.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Timman

You can also combine the Green Spelled Burger and the Beef Burger.

Grains are also great for making veggie burgers or patties. To do this, unsoaked and poured grains (oats and millet flakes) together with eggs, chopped onion and other vegetables, if desired, are mixed well and fried in a pan. Green Spell is especially suitable for preparing patties and vegetarian burgers. This is an unripe harvested spelled grain. The grain is artificially dried in an oven roasted in beech or oak wood to give it a characteristic smoky flavor.

Millet, on the other hand, can be used to prepare a very tasty buffer. To do this, cook millet in brine for about half an hour and mix with eggs and, if desired, onions or other vegetables. Form the millet mixture into a frying shape and fry in a pan.

Cereal Risotto and Casserole

The skates are served on a plate with pearl barley risotto, glass fish and shrimp.  © NDR

Pearl barley risotto is also a delicious side dish with fish.

You can also make risotto with grains instead of rice. Pearl barley is especially suitable. It is made from barley, sometimes densely hulled and ground. Green spells or wheat grains can also be prepared very well this way. According to the recipe, pre-soaked grains are first fried in a little oil, then deglazed with broth and white wine, then brought to a boil. Add vegetables to taste and serve with grated cheese.

For casserole with cereal, pre-cook the poured grains and fill the casserole dish with pre-cooked vegetables. Pour in egg cream or milk, sprinkle with grated cheese and cook in the oven.

Cereal as a side dish, salad or soup

As an accompaniment to lamb or chicken, bulgur and couscous have established positions in Eastern and North African cuisine. It is also ideal for light salads such as tabulae. Both are durum wheat products. They do not need to be boiled, just swell in hot water. Barley is a good addition to soups.

Amaranth, Quinoa, Buckwheat – Gluten-Free Alternatives

So-called similar grains such as quinoa and amaranth are also excellent for hearty dishes. For example, it is suitable as an accompaniment to meat or fish, but also as a base for salads and bowls or as a filling for peppers or zucchini. To do this, first boil the grains in brine for 25-30 minutes. The benefits of grain-like grains: They are gluten-free, making them perfect for a gluten-free diet for celiac disease.

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Couscous Salad © Photo: Martin Rettenberger

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