Deutsche Bahn opens new lounge in Frankfurt

For some Deutsche Bahn passengers, waiting for the next train in Frankfurt is even more enjoyable.

At the start of their summer vacation in Hesse, travelers at Frankfurt Central Station can expect the new Deutsche Bahn lounge. So it doesn’t matter if the train is late or the time is running out. As Frankfurter Allgemeine revealed, some DB customers can relax while waiting in the renovated and reopened DB lounge in Frankfurt.

Who is allowed in the DB Lounge?

In all the chaos of the airport, there will be some who prefer to travel by train. However, this is not always a better decision. Even with the Deutsche Bahn there are often delays. You don’t want to spend waiting time directly on the platform. It is far more enjoyable to sit back in an armchair and have a cold drink or coffee. For some DB customers, since the Deutsche Bahn lounge is reopening after renovation, it is possible again in Frankfurt without any problems.

Frankfurt Central Station ICE

However, not all passengers have access to the DB Lounge at Frankfurt Central Station. Access is permitted only to rail customers with sufficient Tier Points and passengers holding a valid first class ticket for one companion or long-distance transport, the latter must not be a savings ticket. In addition, 2nd class Bahncard holders of 100 or higher can use the lounge.

What does the lounge offer?

Deutsche Bahn is in the process of increasingly refurbishing its lounge with new equipment, including a bistro, relaxation and work area, decorated in many woods and warm colors. There are also plenty of outlets for charging and a work area is created on a high table. But if you don’t want to stand up, you can relax in one of the winged chairs that give travelers a degree of privacy. Of course, no one should starve to death or thirst here. Drinks, snacks, and even newspapers can easily be obtained free of charge from the machine.

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What was added to the DB lounge after the renovation is a premium space. There’s more than just food and drinks from the vending machines. Lentils soup, wine and beer are served at your table and you can start your train journey in a satisfying way. However, this premium area is reserved only for very specific customers. If only certain passengers are allowed to enter the lounge, it is again differentiated here. All annual flat-rate card holders can count on premium area access for a first class Bahncard 100. Access is also granted to passengers who have paid full price for First Class or have already accumulated 6,000 Tier Points to reach Platinum Tier in the new Rail Bonus Program.

Conclusion on the new DB lounge in Frankfurt

The reopening of the Frankfurt DB Lounge coincides with the start of Hesse’s summer vacation. The chaos of the airport has made many people decide on vacation destinations that can also be reached by train. Some of these travelers can now expect more comfortable waiting times at Frankfurt Central Station. A range of amenities can be expected in the newly refurbished lounge. Not all lounge spaces are available to persons with lounge access. The Premium Zone is reserved exclusively for Elite Lounge visitors. But at least regular visitors can relax on the wing chairs or enjoy some refreshments. It’s definitely better and, above all, enjoyable than waiting on the platform.

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