Diet: Does Cold Vegetable Soup Make Spaniards So Healthy?

According to a global study, Spaniards are the healthiest people in the world. And they are very old too. Gazpacho may have something to do with it.

Experts in global studies who have recently reached a conclusion, “probably gazpacho” thought “Spain is the healthiest country in the world”. . It is usually served as an appetizer and is a national dish eaten regularly by many Spaniards, not just in summer.

Healthy and Aging Spaniards – Gazpacho?

This magical vegetable creation originally came from Andalusia in southern Spain and is very easy to make. All you have to do is cold press fresh tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in a food processor and refine them with olive oil and a little pinch. Salt – and the best health recipes in Spain are ready.

But it’s not just the high consumption of gazpacho that experts from the US global media group Bloomberg chose the kingdom as a global health role model this year. Nutritional traditions, such as the Mediterranean diet in Spain, are not alone in the ranking of the Healthiest Countries Index comparing 169 countries. But even in Spain, for example, good health care is reflected in international health tourism to Mallorca and the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez rejoiced in the Bloomberg Index: “The Mediterranean diet and health system are some of the positive points of the Healthest Country Index 2019.” And he encouraged the Spaniards to continue on this healthy path in the age of fast food and industrial catering.

Spaniards are getting old

Incidentally, Spaniards also score very well when it comes to longevity. According to the latest Eurostat figures for 2016, life expectancy in Spain is 83.5 years, the highest in the EU. Globally, only the Japanese still have a slightly higher life expectancy (in Germany it was only 81.0 in 2016).

However, the Japanese reputation as the longest-living person on the planet will soon fade. American researchers predict that Spaniards will overtake Japanese in terms of life expectancy by 2040 if they do not give up on their strengths. Diet decision. According to health experts at the IHME Institute in Seattle, the median age for residents of Spain will be nearly 86.

The fact that the Mediterranean diet, high in vegetables, fruits, fish and olive oil, plays an important role in maintaining good health is also highlighted by its #2 position in the global Bloomberg Health Rankings. Analysts have also placed another Mediterranean country there, Italy, where Mediterranean cuisine is also grown.

How can the Mediterranean diet change our lives?

In addition, the Mediterranean diet was already recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2013. It’s not just because of its long tradition and beneficial nutritional properties. But it’s also because Southern European delights and joys of life are part of the Mediterranean culinary culture. UNESCO writes that “dining together is one of the foundations of identity and cultural continuity in Mediterranean society”.

Mediterranean and healthy living means more than just good nutrition, Spanish scientists stress. It is also a philosophy that includes not only dietary rules, but also rest and enjoyment, another art of life. This is known to be especially good in Spain.

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