Do not eat this food before flight.

I got a habit of doing mine flight Switch to light food. This is the only way I can be sure I won’t have stomach problems while I’m on the plane. Instead of heavy food, always put a snack such as a banana or boiled egg in your carry-on bag. Do you sometimes suffer from intestinal or gastrointestinal problems? then these food Absolutely contraindicated before flight.

Food and Air Travel: Everything is different from air travel.

People with stomach problems should think about what to eat before flying. Nutritionist Sven-David Müller told Reise-Magazin travel book reveal. This is due to changes that occur during flight. “In air travel the whole organism is tested”He warns.

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This includes turbulence as well as jets coming out of the aircraft. All of this can make you uncomfortable. For many people, this condition affects the stomach. To prevent this, nutritionists recommend eating right before your flight.

It is recommended to avoid these foods before flying.

Certain foods may specifically guarantee: Your flight will never be comfortable. According to nutritionists, you should keep your hands away to avoid stomach pain or digestive problems on board.


Salads are actually the perfect basis for a healthy diet, but we recommend skipping this dish before your flight. Reason: Raw vegetables in salads It causes gas to be produced in the digestive system. When they can’t escape, not only will their stomach swell as a result, but It is not comfortable, especially in an enclosed space in the air.

super food
You must not eat salads before your flight. Photo: foxy

Research New Zealand Medical Journal What has been published shows that the pressure difference actually promotes gas expansion. If you try to subdue them on the plane, There is a risk of bloating, stomach pain and indigestion. So Sven-David Müller recommends steamed vegetables instead of foods that promote flatulence, such as bean, white cabbage, or lentil soup.

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