Eisenach: Women share a special New Year’s Eve tradition. Everyone celebrates it.


In the New Year’s Eve tradition, people Eisenach You can do without a big year: big fireworks.

Fortunately, there are other customs to mark the end of the year. Eisenach accompanying. A woman shared one of them on Facebook and is now celebrating it.

Eisenach is now celebrating this New Year’s Eve tradition.

It is, of course, a very tasty tradition. “Even when I was a kid in Eisenach, it was a custom,” says Doro. Lentil soup is always served at lunchtime at the end of the year.

From this beautiful memory, she wrote a short story. And here’s the start: “Every year on December 31st, all the residents gather at the village inn for a New Year’s Eve feast. The owner has already prepared a hearty lentil soup in a large wooden barrel,” she writes to Facebook’s Eisenach group.

Eisenach: It’s behind popular convention.

It creates water in your mouth. But what is all this for? “According to custom, this dish brings wealth and happiness. The more you spend, the greater the windfall in the new year,” explains Doro in the short story.

“Who will be the winner this time? Everyone in attendance looked at Michelle suspiciously, secretly hoping that he would never be again, as he already owns the largest house in town. A fierce battle begins…” The writing continues.


Other New Year Traditions:

  • Do not eat fish: “New Year’s Eve” is named after Pope New Year’s Eve I. He was famous for suffocating fish bones by pagans on the anniversary of his death on December 31st.
  • The last days of the year do not work: especially washing clothes attract evil spirits from their hiding places.
  • Fireworks: A loud noise drives away evil spirits.
  • Don’t bother the goose. Otherwise, luck flies with the goose.


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Important text. According to the Facebook group, it’s a delicious tradition that many of Eisenach know.


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Doro also had sweets on the table in the afternoon. “I had a pancake (Berliner) with coffee and I read it after reading all the pancakes covered with notes and funny homemade proverbs in advance. Another full of mustard, woe to those who are caught.”

Lentil soup and good wishes – with such a good omen, almost nothing can go wrong in the New Year! (dong)

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