Healthy Soups: Vegetable Recipes

This healthy soup is loaded with vegetables, making it a popular winter starter as well. In addition to salad soup recipes, in this article you will find a huge collection of healthy soup recipes.

Vegetable soup is easy to digest and tastes great at any time of the year. In autumn and winter, it warms from the inside out, but there are also cold soups, especially on hot summer days. There are many different ways to cook healthy soups using local and seasonal vegetables.

A healthy soup is not only a delicious appetizer, but also a light main meal in the evening. The salad soup recipe presented in this article is especially easy and quick to prepare. You can prepare a salad soup with a variety of lettuce, but you can also use leftover lettuce or large pieces of lettuce.

We also offer suggestions for many other healthy soups. You can find recipe ideas for vegan vegetable soups in the first set of links. In the second set of links, you can find different recipes for vegetarian soups, and with a few changes you can even prepare vegan soups.

Healthy salad soup: recipes and preparation

Healthy salad soup is delicious any time of the year.
(Picture: Maria Hoenthal/Utopia)

Salad soup is especially good when cooked with leftover lettuce or coarse outer leaves. If the lettuce head is large, the outer leaves are soft and not enough to be eaten as a salad. In this case, it can be used to prepare delicious and healthy salad soups.

Salad soup requires a large pot and a hand blender.

vegetarian salad soup

  • Ready: about 10 minutes
  • Cooking/Bake Time: about 20 minutes
  • crowd: 4 servings