How do vegan sausages and soy chicken taste? big test


“It tastes good, not meat”: vegan bratwurst from brewed grains, planted chicken and minced meat in a big taste test

A meat-free diet is trending. As a result, the number of meat substitutes on the market is also increasing. The Ostbröckli team tested some of them.

The Swiss seem to be losing interest in meat. In a recent survey, about 5% of people surveyed said they were vegetarian. In 2015, it was less than 3%. Vegetarians can be healthier and more climate sensitive. Still, many meatless eaters seem to be missing something on their plate. In any case, shelves with meat substitutes and substitutes take up more and more space in supermarkets.

But are they any good? Ostbröckli delights with meat aficionados Diana Hagmann-Bula, Urs Bader and Kaspar Enz The editors purchased a variety of products, cooked, tasted and scored at the “Die Küche” in St.Gallen’s old town. From 1 to 5: Depending on taste, bite, shape – and whether or not it resembles real meat.

planted chicken nature

“Better than chicken” is what this pack from Kemptthal-based company Planted claims. A few years ago they made a sensation with a chicken substitute made from yellow peas. And a few weeks ago Planted received new capital from investors. This allows them to bring new products to market and want to keep growing. Chicken slices are their flagship product. We tried it with a simple Thai curry sauce.

Diana Hagman Bulla: It’s working. It’s nice to have a frying pan when baking. Urs Vader: I think chopped and shredded is probably the best thing to reproduce. But I have to admit. This is a good bite. When it comes to taste, the sauce dominates a bit. Caspar Ends: Yes, but the same goes for real chicken strips. The taste isn’t much to complain about, but it’s not quite as juicy as real chicken. Almost a little dry. Diana Hagman Bulla: Chicken breast will do so if it’s been in the pan for too long. So I guess you’ll hardly notice that it’s not chicken.

planted chicken nature Appearance: 4.5 Flavor: 3.5 Texture: 4 Meat quality: 4 Overall rating: 4

Beyond Burger vs. Soto Burger Cashew Black Bean

Almost all meat products are not imitated as often as vegans as burgers. It’s not that surprising. After all, it usually contains sauce and other ingredients inside the bread. You can hide well there. US company Beyond Meat has set the bar quite high for 2015 with Beyond Burger. It is also used to supply hamburger chains worldwide. Today’s competitor is German organic producer Soto, which produces Burger Cashew Black Beans.

Caspar Ends: So the Beyond burger really bites like meat. She also tastes pretty meaty, but it’s a bit disappointing. Urs Vader: He’s just a little blunt. He thinks it would be much better if he added a little more salt. Diana Hagman Bulla: But you won’t notice anything between the two rolls with the sauce and all the trimmings. Caspar Ends: Already another one. Didn’t I say “vegetable patty”? Diana Hagman Call: A burger for those who have absolutely nothing to do with meat. Urs Vader: It’s really nice to see the vegetables inside~ Corn, pepperoni… Diana Hagman Bulla: i think so too. It has a slightly smokey taste. Caspar Ends: Didn’t it just burn a little? Diana Hagman Call: No, according to the packaging it should be like this. I love the taste This burger simply has nothing to do with meat. Caspar Ends: You actually ask yourself why you should substitute meat. You can also cook vegetarians who do not want meat. Urs Vader: No one could answer this question for me. Wouldn’t a piece of meat be more honest, especially when looking at the ingredient list for such a product?

Beyond Burgers: Appearance: 5 Taste: 3.5 Texture: 5 Meat quality: 4.5 Overall rating: 4.5

Soto Burger: Appearance: 3.5 Flavor: 4.5 Texture: 3 Meat quality: 2 Overall rating: 3.25

Brewery Hack

Locher breweries are also entering the market as a meat substitute. Two Brewbee meat alternatives, Hack and Geschnetzeltes, consist of spent grain, a protein-containing by-product of the brewing process. We eat it with Hörnli as traditional gghackets. But without applesauce.

Urs Vader: To the naked eye, it looks like really finely minced meat. Diana Hagman Bulla: Yes, it looks really good. Urs Vader: Unfortunately, it is a bit chewy to eat. Diana Hagman Bulla: At least it doesn’t taste like meat. Caspar Ends: This is because of preparation. The hack is dry. Before cooking, it must be soaked, for example, in bouillon. If I had eaten meat bouillon instead of vegetable bouillon now, it would have been more meaty. But you won’t be vegetarian either. So it tastes like a little bit of chopped vegetable soup. Diana Hagman Bulla: You can eat it with the sauce. Urs Vader: More sauce would be better. Caspar Ends: Yes, you can add a few cans of tomatoes. With more sauce, it will no longer be rubbery.

Brewery Hack: Appearance: 5 Taste: 3.5 Texture: 2.5 Meat quality: 2.5 Overall rating: 3.5

Tatar Hiltl

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Zürcher Hiltl is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world. That’s why pioneers aren’t satisfied with the usual burger alternatives to ready-made products. Hiltl chefs dare to imitate raw meat. And I use capers a lot.

Urs Vader: This is what it looks like when you order a tartare at the butcher. Diana Hagman Bulla: It will be very finely chopped tartar. Urs Vader: Yes, my butcher is too good for my taste. You can really taste the capers. Caspar Ends: It doesn’t taste like meat right now, but I think it’s fine. You don’t have to sell it as a meat substitute. It can also be spread with many capers. Urs Vader: You can already feel the flavor of the meat in your mouth. Diana Hagman Bulla: But not much more. This menu is for hardcore vegetarians who do not miss the original taste of meat. Urs Vader: So great for bread.

Hiltle Tatar Appearance: 4 Flavor: 4.5 Texture: 3.5 Meat quality: 2.5 Overall rating: 3.5

Green Mountain Bratwurst vs Typhoon Merguez

German company Wheaty relies on seitan for merguez. Green Mountain produces vegetarian products in Landquart. Bratwurst consists, among other things, of king oyster mushrooms and peas. The company website promises to be as sharp as the original. There is no need to compromise on taste either. What examiner is more demanding than St.Gallen?

Diana Hagman Bulla: Cut like a bratwurst. Except for very thin skin. Almost like tissue paper. Urs Vader: The taste also reminds me of a little bratwurst. Caspar Ends: It has a bratwurst-like finish, but I find it a bit odd. Perhaps it is a visual impression. I generally distrust sausages that aren’t skewed in the slightest. Urs Vader: But she is also uncomfortable to eat. Diana Hagman Bulla: The fluffy sausage lacks something. Even more so for Merguez. Caspar Ends: Yes, nothing bites here except for a bit of skin. The inside is more of a paste than a sausage. Diana Hagman Bulla: Actually, I think the taste here is good. Spicy like other Merguez sausages. The texture has nothing to do with sausage. Urs Vader: But you wouldn’t have needed that much cinnamon.

Green Mountain Bratwurst: Appearance: 3.5 Taste: 2.5 Texture: 2 Meat quality: 3 Overall rating: 3

wheat merguez Appearance: 3 Taste: 3 Texture: 2 Meat quality: 2 Overall score: 2.5

Kaspar Enz, Diana Hagmann-Bula and Urs Bader.

Kaspar Enz, Diana Hagmann-Bula and Urs Bader.


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