Imbiss am Groner Tor opens on the grounds of the Göttinger Fleischerei Sommer.

Reopening on Groner Tor

Le Minh (right) and his wife La Thi Oanh (2nd from left) with their family open a snack bar at Groner Tor.

Until a few weeks ago, the Sommer family sold traditional butcher specialties, but now something new is emerging. Chef Le Minh and his family want to run a snack bar serving German and Vietnamese cuisine here. Features: We sell summer sausages.

Göttingen. The menu includes schnitzels, sandwiches, lentil soup and abalone stew. Above the entrance you can read the slogan “Speciality of Silesia”. La Thi Oanh and her husband Le Minh will be running a snack bar at Groner Tor from 10am on Thursday in Sommer’s room, a traditional butcher shop.

“We love German culture,” says La Thi Oanh. This also applies to German cuisine. So it is an honor for her to continue the tradition at this point. The snack bar is not the successor of the old butcher shop, but a new one. Still, many customers feel obligated to the position they have known for decades as the culinary touchpoint. So summer sausages are also an essential part of a range that can be reheated at self-service counters and kitchens.

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