Imbiss on Baltic Sea concerned about quality due to lack of workers “But the pea stew is delicious”

Instead of currywursts, fries and burgers, entrepreneur Zinnowitz will only serve pea soup in the future. Is this condition permanent?

Zinobitz’s miniature golf course operator has no staff and has to run a snack bar there. This causes menu loss. The situation is similar for other operators. This is how OZ readers comment on the situation.

Zinobits. Due to the shortage of skilled workers, the Zinnowitz entrepreneurs have to adjust their schedules. Jörg Borchardt is the operator of a miniature golf course and he has to run his own snack bar as he can’t find anyone to take over this season. Originally, he wanted to expand the system, but it wasn’t worth it if he didn’t have enough staff. System catering could be the solution. This problem has gotten worse, especially in the last 4-5 years.

Hundreds of companies large and small in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are in a similar situation during the tourist peak season. The Federal Employment Agency attempts to place job seekers into companies, but most of them are unsuccessful. So the Zinnowitz entrepreneur had to respond and, as a result, significantly reduced the range of food products. Instead of currywurst, fries, and burgers, there is now a soup with belly fat. However, some OZ readers don’t mind the forced change.

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