Lentil Soup with Carrots and Mango – Recipe

A scented spice that’s perfect for the moment

Normally, I like to have soup for lunch at any time of the year. And now that we are longing for something a little more ordinary, we thought that we should prepare a typical office lunch in the form of lentil soup for us in the hopes that a more mundane and mundane way of life will be settled. with it. Because this crisis is slowly approaching. As you can imagine, the soup didn’t bring life back to normal, of course. But she was delicious and we shared it while we ate.
Made happy, full and satisfied at the table. The soup is quick to prepare and, in addition to lentils, contains onions, carrots, mango, fresh basil and various spices. Refined with coconut milk. Above all, because of the name, I used my favorite spice as a seasoning. Asafoetida means stench or devil’s dirt in German. Yes, because it stinks and stinks badly. However, when cooked, the odor disappears and a pleasant, characteristic garlic aroma emerges. Anyway, I think the smelly seasoning is perfect for the current situation. But if in doubt about this spice, just skip it and use a clove of garlic. It should also be noted that asafoetida and onion do not mix. It’s best to omit the onion if you want a stinky spice.

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