Miso Soup: Japanese Special Recipes

Miso soup is Japan’s national dish, prepared quickly and very fragrant. The basic recipe requires only a few ingredients and can be enriched to your liking.

Miso Soup: What is miso and dashi made from?

In Japan, miso soup is often eaten for breakfast. However, it goes well with an appetizer or side dish. If you add filling, it even becomes a main course. You only need two ingredients for the soup base.

  1. again: Japanese fish broth is made from kelp and dried bonito pieces (“katsuobushi”). Bonito is a type of tuna. If you want to prepare a vegetarian or vegan miso soup, you can pay one fee. vegetarian again Instead of bonito flakes, use dried shiitake and shiitake mushrooms or enoki mushrooms.
  2. Miso Paste: This spicy paste consists of various grains such as rice or barley, depending on the legume variety. The ingredients are salted and fermented in barrels by so-called yeast molds. There are light and thick, sweet and spicy miso soup. The type of miso soup you choose greatly affects the taste of the miso soup. Because miso is made by fermentation, it is considered very healthy. probiotic lactic acid bacteria Includes.

tip: Use any miso you like. Shiro miso contains rice and soybeans, giving it a soft and sweet taste. On the other hand, thicker types of miso, such as Genmai or Hatch miso, are more spicy.

Miso Soup: Basic Recipe

Miso soup comes in a variety of colors and flavors.
(Picture: CC0 / Pixabay / leeyoping0)

Basic recipe for Japanese miso soup

  • Ready: about 5 minutes
  • crowd: 4 servings