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Pearl barley was once considered a food for the poor, but today it is gaining popularity again in the kitchen. Stews, soups, salads, risottos, etc.: Refined barley kernels can be prepared in a variety of ways.

The delicious, slightly nutty grain is mostly made from barley and sometimes wheat. To do this, it is peeled, ground and ground in a special mill. Peeling is especially easy to digest. But they also lose many valuable nutrients along with the peel. However, they are rich in carbohydrates, which makes them very full.

Pearl Barley and Pearl Barley – Differences

Both whole grain barley (so-called cooked or rolled barley) and finely ground barley are commercially available. It is called pearl barley or pearl barley.

Prepare barley soups and stews

A classic in the kitchen is barley soup or stew. To do this, prepare a hearty meat broth or vegetarian vegetable broth, put pearl barley in it and optionally cook with chopped vegetables for about 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, you can cook the pearl barley separately and add it at the end. Pearl barley should still be a little bit watery. Cooking times may vary depending on the type, so it is best to follow the directions on the packaging.

Instead of Rice: Risotto and Pearl Barley Salad

In shrimp salads, pearl barley becomes a noble dish.

Grain is also ideal as a side dish instead of rice or for delicious risotto. To do this, sauté pearl barley, chopped onion and garlic together in a saucepan, repeatedly deglaze the stock and white wine, then reduce. Add vegetables or mushrooms according to your preference. Finally, stir in some Parmesan cheese and butter. Boiled pearl barley, greens, seafood, feta cheese and herb salads are also very tasty.

Pearl barley can also be used to make desserts well. To do this, cook the grains in milk with a little sugar and vanilla on low heat until soft and serve with fruit compote or fresh fruit.


Pearl Barley with White Cabbage and Chicken Liver on a Plate © NDR Photo: Florian Kruck

Pearl barley is prepared from sage, raisins and white cabbage. Serve with fried chicken liver and yogurt. more

Lacquered wild turkey served with pearl barley risotto.  © NDR Photo: Claudia Timman

Sauce for grilling has a special taste in deodeok. Barley risotto is original and very easy to cook. more

Chicken Skewers with Peppers and Pineapple on Barley Vegetables © NDR Photo: Florian Kruck

Rainer Sass prepares pearl barley like risotto in broth and mixes with vegetables. Crispy chicken skewers go well with it. more

Pearl barley tabulae with kale and feta cheese in a bowl © NDR Photo: Matthias Haupt

Instead of bulgur, Tim Mälzer uses pearl barley mixed with kale, feta cheese, and pomegranate for his tabulet salad. more

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