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It goes without saying that mountain food is especially delicious when it’s cold outside. The winters in the Swiss state of Graubünden are long and harsh, so there is a wide repertoire of recipes to keep you warm from the inside. For example, Bündner barley soup is available in many variations.

Bündnerfleisch belongs to the real Graubunden barley soup. At KaDeWe, for example, you can get air-dried and pressed beef thighs, and the prices are comparable to vacationing in St. Moritz. The Italian Bresaola also works well, is easier to hold, is less salty, and has a more delicate flavor (and a lot cheaper).

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What doesn’t go well together is a smoked ham like Black Forest. That’s because the smoky flavor is already served in bacon, giving the vegetable stew a strong flavor base.


ingredient (4 people)

½ leek 150 g carrots 150 g celery 150 g beans (eg Borlotti or Cannellini) 100 g barley 50 g bacon 1 Bündnerfleisch (or bressaola) 2 onions 2 bay leaves 50 ml cream butter for cloves/parsley


Cut the leek into rings, finely chop the celery and carrots, and gently fry everything in butter. Vegetables should not have any color. After about 5 minutes, add chopped bacon. When the bacon is oily, add the barley and simmer for a while. Cut the onion in half and spike the bay leaf with each clove on the onion and add to the vegetables.

Then pour 1.2 liters of water and bring to a boil. Add beans. When the vegetables are cooked, season with cream, garnish with chives (or parsley) and garnish with Bündnerfleisch.

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