Reminds kids of a three-course menu at the table – Herrischried

The budding chefs work with health advisor Fabiola Arzner to prepare herbal soups, radish sauces, pizza coins and colorful clown muffins.

. Together with health advisor Fabiola Arzner, the children were able to expand their culinary knowledge as part of the Hotzenwald vacation program in a vibrant community. It’s all about fun, and cooking, sizzling and baking has been done with a lot of passion and imagination.

First, we set kitchen rules such as washing hands, tying hair in a ponytail, using a knife, heating, and cleanliness. Finally, children also need to handle food with care. Since then, making my own chef hats has been so much fun.

After exploring the community school kitchen’s kitchenette, ready-made recipes that Fabiola Arzner put on the table were actively dealt with. The menu promised the participants some surprises. He planned a vegetable soup using Lurchis noodles as a starter. The main course is a quark roll, served with radish puree and pizza coins, and colorful clown muffins for dessert.

In the kitchen, it was just a buzz. As with brownies, milk and flour are mixed, radishes are made into mussels, herbs are cut, salami and peppers are cut, and the stove is heated. The small kitchen brought fragrant delicacies to the plate in a short time.

Time passed and what we achieved was truly impressive. The young chefs thanked the food, and each course gave a big applause before eating. Then, Fabiola Arzner said goodbye to the happy crowd and each child enthusiastically headed home with a diploma and a “golden cooking spoon (made of wood)”.

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