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More and more people feel lonely in their daily life. Schramberg-Waldmössingen has a lunch counter for loneliness.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of seniors feeling lonely has doubled. This is the conclusion of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs. About 12% of people over the age of 80 feel lonely. Schramberg-Waldmössingen (Rottweil region) has a lunch menu for loneliness every Thursday from March.

Thirty minutes before the official lunch starts, the first guests are already seated in a bright room. It quickly became clear that it was not about food, it was about community. Günter Katz comes regularly and summarizes what many older people feel here. “It’s not good to eat alone, and I can’t talk to anyone,” he said.

Under the motto “Who likes to eat alone?”, every Thursday about 30 people come to the Evangelical Community Center in Waldmössingen for lunch. I’m not really talking about age, but the youngest guest on that day is around 50 and the oldest guest is the proud 95. Old Marliese Keller appreciates eating together. “It’s great to be able to dine at the community center on Thursdays, because I can chat with other people, otherwise I cook at home alone every day,” she said.

Strategies for Loneliness

Eating alone is a problem for many here. So some have already found their own strategies to deal with this. Brunhilde Kimmich, 89, says: “I always turn on the TV or radio. I turn on the radio in the morning and the TV at noon. When the news comes out, I have lunch at 12 pm. Then at least someone is talking and it’s as boring as a spoonful. It ends without it.”

It tastes better together: open lunch for the elderly at Schramberg-Waldmössingen


Lisa Kooner

Elli Werkmeister is president of the care association in Waldmössingen and prepares lunches against loneliness. In particular, it is important to have lunch together now that the pandemic has passed for more than two years. Loneliness became a problem. Elli Werkmeister says: “In recent years, we have increased with the number of elderly people. Now the situation is even worse with the Corona. A lot of people have suffered a lot because of it.” She is happy that the lunch menu is a bit varied.

Food comes from neighboring villages

Food is prepared and delivered by restaurants in neighboring villages, and volunteers take care of the service. The menu for the day is a vegetable soup and main dish, suggested by a woman who says “Scratch or stir…” with a mismatched name. “In Heiligenbronn, it’s called G’furlets,” says another. You would probably say Kaiserschmarren in High German. Anything – the main thing is that it tastes good!

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