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Who does not love them, especially on a cold autumn day – name is, beneficial soup, How to make dinner really cozy? with warming starter, lively enjoyment in the middle or as a separate meal, The soup offers an amazing variety.. delicious umami In our favorite soup they take care of it Kikkoman Natural Soy Sauce.

Enjoy soup with Kikko Bay

at soup pleasure Many things revolve around them. Specific ready form and cultural approach ~ By dish soup By itself. in Austria still welcome starter known and loved Japan Access to the soup is another thing. There the soup is usually served with: rich cuisine with the thick side “Ramen”Serve and really fill you up.

Of course, everyone here knows. miso soupfamous and popular Japanese national food. Miso soup can be served as an appetizer or as part of a main course. However, in Japan, it is mainly used for traditional breakfast served with rice. However, the variety of soups in Japan is truly endless, and usually every dish adds flavor through its abundance. Umami of natural soy sauce.

due to different types Kikkoman Soy Sauce Not only stand, but also taste Fusion with Austrian Soup Classic Like the semolina dumpling soup or the old Vienna potato soup, because the natural brewed soy sauce emphasizes the original taste of the product.

Soup – culinary line

In ~ Kikkoman is about more than a recipe. it’s about food culturetraditional knowledge, preparing and enjoying high-quality meals together variety of cuisine complete daily life soup pleasure It really takes off and turns every steaming soup pot into a taste experience. For breakfast, as an appetizer or as a separate dish, the soup is always delicious. In Japan, like Austria.

Kikkoman and Soup Recipes

Kikkoman – absolute treatment

Kikkoman Soy Sauce Usually instead of a pinch of salt, it’s always right. A delicious alternative seasoning that improves and enhances the product’s intrinsic taste umami Refined. One of the simplest dishes you can get Splash Kikkoman Whether it’s fish, meat, salad, vegetable, appetizer, main dish, dessert, or homemade bread, it offers a special flavor. Professional and amateur chefs High-quality condiment sauces are appreciated all over the world. Versatile and uncomplicated application possibilities.


more Information ~ By Recipes, tips and creative ideas from Kikkoman can be found at

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