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Claudio learns what’s important when preparing Graubünden barley soup at Trudi and at Nicole’s house in the Hangela hut high above the Vals.

Perhaps Graubunden’s most famous soup is known far beyond its borders.

Climbing into the hut is quite difficult. However, the view from 2,000 meters above sea level and the view of the cuisine are unparalleled. Among other things, there is the most famous soup in Graubünden from Hangla Hut, which is based on barley, root vegetables and dried meat. VERY IMPORTANT: All ingredients must be cut into small cubes. Claudio takes care of the vegetable brunoise, and hostess Trudi cuts the dried meat. This is the most difficult task and the most dangerous for your fingers. When the above ingredients and the chopped onion sweat in the oil, add a little flour to the pan. “To tie the soup,” explains Nicole. Graubyne Barley Soup becomes creamy by adding a little cream. Finally, add a few chives and buds to decorate and refine the soup.

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7132 thermal baths in Vals

Stones and Water: Everything you need to relax. Created from local quartzite by architect Peter Zumthor, the bathroom is an oasis of wellness made from 300 million-year-old rock.

Insider Tips

Panoramic hike to Zervreila

On the way from Gadastatt to Zervreila, your eyes turn to the impressive Zervreilahorn. Best panorama. And thanks to the mountain railway, you can enjoy this scenery very comfortably.

overnight tip

Hangul is hut

Mongolia? No, Valsertal in Graubünden – even if the accommodations suggest an older area. Spend the night in the yurts of Hangla Huts with your family or with your sweetheart.

Here you will find a barley soup recipe and three tips for Vals.

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