Steiner Cooking for the Neighbor: Barley Soup for Everyone!

Steiner Cooking for Neighbors
Barley soup for everyone!

Matthew Steiner

Warm soup is always right! So if you’re already running out of pasta or chickpeas, buy some really old-fashioned pearl barley (also known as pearl barley). Matthias Steiner is cooking for 20 today! For refrigeration. or distribute.

“E beer isch e bread” is what Baden people like to say when they drink beer and want to save on cooking. Yes, you can also drink absolutely food, including grains. But today I have a better offer. Soup made from grains. It sounds strange at first, but it’s incredibly tasty and ancient and healthy barley soup.

This is what it looks like in Schattalp…

(Picture description: ms)

It is very unpretentious (archaeologists have actually traced barley as far back as 800,000 years) and can vary thousands of times. There are barley soups based on Persian, Austrian, Czech, German, French and Swiss recipes. According to Switzerland, the latter turns from valley to valley. I was recently in Graub√ľnden and I therefore suggest this classic. I always ate one after hiking in Davos Magic Mountain.


Glutinous rice barley 500g/pearl barley

1 bunch of spring onions

1 celeriac

6 carrots

3 parsley roots

3 onions

4 cloves of garlic

1 bunch flat leaf parsley

200 g sour cream

300 g bacon

100 g butter

4 liters of broth

2 bay leaves

salt and pepper grinder

Incidentally, in times of corona panic, this is an insider tip. You can get the forgotten superfood (barley/pearl barley) everywhere because people don’t know it (no longer). They prefer to eat noodles. I’ll skip the toilet paper joke here. However, barley is stored in the pantry for half a day and is very nutritious and incredibly productive. So I’m not kidding here suggesting recipes for up to 20 people. 500g of barley rice can feed up to 20 people. So cook for anyone during social distancing, for your neighbors, the elderly, the sick and parents who need to stay home. Except for gluten allergy sufferers who would be shocked! Barley actually contains less gluten than bad wheat. The finished soup also keeps well in the refrigerator – like almost everything – tastes better warm anyway.

I add some nice bacon because it enhances the flavor and really rounds up the flavor. Without bacon, the soup is the perfect vegetarian option. And a strong source of protein is always an important factor in a balanced vegetarian diet! Barley is great for the gut, mucous membranes, nerves and cholesterol levels. There are many more benefits that I can list, but since the soup takes time to prepare (unless the barley is blown), I’ll start over.

Graubunden barley soup based on an old Swiss recipe

Recipe for 20 people

Preparation time: 1.5 hours

Matthias Steiner.jpg

Finely chop the leek and finely chop the carrots, parsley root, onion, garlic, celery and bacon.

Fry everything together in butter for 10 minutes.

Then add the roasted barley, steam it slightly, add the broth, and boil it with bay leaves over low heat for 60 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve with parsley and sour cream.

Wake up your appetite and stay healthy!

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