Stiftung Warentest: This ready-made soup tastes just like home-cooked.

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This soup looks like it’s cooked by yourself

Soup in the refrigerated section in the test

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In our busy lives, we often don’t have enough time to cook fresh. Emergency Solution: Soup in the refrigerated area. Stiftung Warentest tested a total of 15 tomato and lentil soups, with surprising results.

Bag soup has been around for a long time. If you don’t have time to cook for lunch or after work, you’re increasingly looking for a variety of ready-made soups in the fridge. Conscience. As it turns out now, there seems to be no reason at all.

This is because Stiftung Warentest analyzed approximately 8 tomato soups and 7 lentil soups with regard to sensory, microbiological and nutritional qualities as well as contamination and user-friendliness of the packaging. Amazing test results: Almost all ready-made soups are rated “good” and some taste just like home-cooked.

Stiftung Warentest: fresh soup under test

tomato soup

The soup in the chilled section is fresh, healthy and modern. Customers promise to keep 14 of the 15 products tested as well. Stiftung Warentest rates 7 Tomato Soup as “Good”. This included the winner of the tomato test in “Rewe to go”, which retails for around 2.99 euros for 450 milliliters, convincing the experts to taste a 1.0.

Next to it are “Kuhlmann’s Hof Tomato Soup with Basil”, “Lena’s Kitchen Fresh Tomato Cream Soup”, “Roggenkamp Organics Premium Organic Tomato Soup with Orange & Star Anise Organic”, “Convency Fresh Soup Coconut Tomato”, “Hofküche Tomato Cream Soup” There is. Vegetarian” and “Market Soup Tomato Basil”.

The bottom end of the big soup test is “Organic Kitchen Brothers Fresh Organic Tomato Basil Soup”, which retails for around 2.79 euros per 450 milliliters. I couldn’t convince the testers in terms of taste, so I got a “satisfied” rating.

lentil soup

All seven lentil soups tested in the refrigerated zone tasted particularly good and were rated by the experts at Stiftung Warentest as follows: The winner of the test was “Kuhlmann’s Hof Lentils Soup with Coriander and Curry”.

In second place is “ConVency Fresh Soup Coconut Lense”, which costs about 3.19 euros for 480 milliliters. It received a top score of 1.0 in terms of taste, but did not convince testers in terms of nutrition and declaration. Then, “Hofquiche Yellow Lentils Soup Vegan”, “Rose Swabian Lentils Stew Organic”, “Pick a pea Organic Food Oriental Lentils Soup Organic”, “Korea Organic Lentils Soup Organic”, “Kitchen Brothers Fresh Organic Lentils” Curry soup” followed. essential”.

Tastes like home-cooked

The big surprise in the soup test: several of the fresh tomato and lentil soups tasted surprisingly good and were rated “very good” in our tasting. They score points for their many scents and their ingenious recipes. Almost all soups have been generously refined with spices like turmeric and coriander and spices like ginger and chili.

Products from the refrigerated section also have an edge over canned soups. Thanks to this production method, only pasteurization is possible and there are clear advantages. The testers also checked all soups heated for plasticizers that could migrate from packaging to food. Fortunately, this test was negative.

Calorie Trap Soup?

The tomato and lentil soups tested are almost consistently convincing in terms of taste, but there are distinct differences in calories. Some tomato soups are so light that you can pass by as a snack. Lentil soup, on the other hand, always provides enough energy for a main meal, including bread to fill your stomach. But be careful with soups with coconut milk. In general, they taste great, but they also have a high fat content.

soup health

The soup on cold days is heart warming and full of vitamins and minerals, and when prepared without cream, crème fraîche & Co. has virtually no calories. They also help the body relieve stress naturally. Soup fans will be able to fill their stomachs with no remorse and without worrying about not fitting into their favorite jeans in a matter of weeks. For ready-made soups, looking at the ingredient list will help you beat your calorie guilt.

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