Sustainability Festival at Sonnenhausplatz

The Festival of Sustainability was also celebrated in Geroweiher in 2021. Geroweiher gym teacher Mehmet Özdemir shows Mayor Felix Heinrichs the biggest find in a garbage collection campaign (Photo: © Stadt MG)

Mönchenglatbach. September 10th has a lot to experience and do.

Eat, drink, shop every day, dress, our garden. We deal with this every day. From a sustainable lifestyle perspective, this is a great opportunity to make a small daily contribution to climate protection and species conservation. On September 10, with the support of many stakeholders, district officials Gladbach and Westend will show what Mönchengladbach residents can do specifically. The Sustainability Festival takes place at Sonnenhausplatz from 12 noon to 4pm.

Cooking pots instead of trash cans – thanks to the children’s Schnibble disco

The goal of Children’s Snack Disco is to introduce children to the topic of healthy eating and the conscious use of food. To the upbeat music, children are slicing vegetables that street vendors can no longer sell. Slow Food members, Mönchengladbach Group, Theo Hespers Comprehensive School and youth partnership Mönchengladbach-Mitte (STEP) will guide the children and explain why carrots, potatoes and more are so healthy. It is used to make delicious vegetable soup. Tante Lemi shows that unpackaged shopping is far more resource efficient than traditional shopping at the supermarket, but not necessarily more expensive.

Repair and upcycle instead of throw away

The repair cafe in Rheydt’s Paritätisches Zentrum repairs broken electronics on the first Sunday of every month. At the sustainability festival, the team provides information about the product range on the stand and shows how you can fool the apparently built-in expiry date. Visitors can also work with Texture Lab to turn old shirts into stylish new fashions using screen printing. The children’s and family center Pfiffikus turns old shoes into “flowering shoes”.

Bringing beehives to the city

The combined beekeeping association Mönchengladbach presents a joint project with Minto and shows where bees will be resettled on the roofs of shopping centers. Old tin cans are turned into new hotels for insects that visitors can take home. Kolping Youth (DV Aachen) also presented a bee project at the festival, provided information on water topics and reported on the orchards planted in Neuwerk. Another place where bees feel like home in the city is Bürgergarten. This can be explored on a guided tour from the Transition Town Monchengladbach.

Sustainability makes the school!

Students at the Hardt comprehensive school presented ideas for sustainable projects created as part of the Erasmus+ project and also presented to politicians in the EU Parliament.

bike instead of car

The VCD, Radentscheid and initiatives on foot transport use so-called walkers, wooden frames with car footprints, to show the space cyclists need to safely navigate through the city. They also provide information about their “go to school” campaigns and ongoing cycling decisions.


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