“There are good things in toilet bowls and bad things in crops”

In particular, Christoph Bach, who can be seen in the ARD Christmas fairy tale, was deeply impressed by ‘Cinderella’ as a child. “Even now, when I see a pigeon sitting on a tree, sometimes a bullet pierces my head, saying, ‘Jerky, there’s blood on your shoes.’ So ‘Cinderella’ touched me a lot, and I think it broke my heart a little.

It upset many people as a child. Lentils Soup. where is the connection? Even in ‘Cinderella’, the lens is a problem. What is it when the Grimm fairy tale “Cinderella” says “good things go to the toilet and bad things go to the crops”? That’s right, it’s about lenses. “What’s good for the toilet, bad for the crop” isn’t about carrots, beans and corn. However, some children are disturbed by these three foods.

“But it was also comforting that the animals helped the lonely girl endure this cruel and meaningless punishment. I mean, endlessly picking lentils from the ashes! It drove me back to my childhood.”

The 44-year-old says he likes to read to a small audience. “Of course, but sometimes you skip certain passages or try to quickly rewrite them. Of course, there are children who notice and protest. As if they sense that something is being neglected. Of course, we also talk about when this fairy tale was created. .and she is very interested in hearing how the children lived and how hard it was here.”

In the ARD children’s film “A Fairy Tale of 12 Months”, Bach plays February. “Certainly not my favorite month. That is also the biggest problem of February in the movie. He feels unloved and alternates between megalomania and inferiority.”


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