There is a great demand for candle making in Möhrenhof.


I had a good job making candles under the starry sky.

Laura Stierli and Belinda Urlaub organized the first Christmas celebrations in Möhrenhof Urdorf.

Colored and waxy: Candles are made by Urdorfer Möhrenhof in an atmospheric setting.

Christian Murer

On Thursday evening, fire bowls are lit in the courtyard, Finnish candles are heated, and the Christmas tree is lit up in the dark night.

Laura Stierli and her friend Andreas Brüniger served barley soup, punch and hot cider. Those in attendance at the cozy get-together enjoyed winter evenings at outdoor tables and benches. Visitors can also take out their beeswax candles outside.

Belinda Urlaub spoke of the first Christmas event in Möhrenhof: She thinks it’s good to have a candle-making experience to mark the Christmas season. And Laura Stierli added: “We wanted to celebrate the Christmas season in the cozy atmosphere of the farm.” Urdorf’s Melanie and Ronny Trefzer mostly pleased the kids. “Selina and Raphael chatted outside on a cold night over candles.”

Following Thursday evening, this Saturday is the second and final day of the Christmas event, candle making from 2pm to 8pm. Urdorfer Möhrenhof also has a farm shop.

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