This restaurant is now new in Mainz.

Hopfengarten’s two new restaurants, a wine stand and a new cafe: in the overview we show the restaurants that have opened in Mainz over the past few weeks.

Beer Bistro at Hopfengarten

After just a year, “Hoffen and Malz” in Hoffengarten in Mainz’s old town closed again. The sequel “L’Angolo della Birra” opened two weeks ago. It is no coincidence that the neighboring Italian restaurant “Bistrorante L’Angolo” has a very similar name. Operators Hans-Jürgen Kern and Biagio Costa open the restaurant’s “brother” as “L’Angolo della Birra”. “Everything went very quickly,” Kern told another person. “We took over in August and opened the doors four weeks later.” Mercurist.

The owners call their new restaurant “Beer Bistro”. There is “more beer, less menu” compared to restaurants. “L’Angolo della Birra” is not a classic bar, so no cocktails and no “big bar life”. The current menu features 12 draft beers from the Radeberger Group, along with other drinks such as Aperol and Campari Spritz.

wine stand in NATO lamp

From 18 August, local wines, beers, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks were sold in containers at the NATO ramp in Raubenheim. The wine stall is operated by Gauls Catering, which, in addition to its own event venue Laubenheim, also operates a “Mole” in the Mainz winter port and catering in the Mewa Arena.

Möhn winery in Laubenheim, Fleischer winery in Hechtsheim and Pfannebecker winery in Worms can be found on the map. However, beer and non-alcoholic beverages are also available. Guests can also order small dishes such as Laubenheimer Cesar salad, fries or currywurst, as well as chips with pretzels and Spundekä.

Bakeries in Schillerplatz

A new bakery in a prominent location: the bakery chain “Werner’s Backstube” opened a new branch on 1 September at Schillerplatz in Mainz. “Wiener Feinbäckerei Heberer” was there until the end of 2021. At the new Werner location, customers can dine in both the store and the outdoor area.

A new concept in the museum cafe

The cafe at Landesmuseum Mainz was empty for a while, but it was changed on August 20th. Basilio Fallica and Xiuyun Zeng currently run the museum café under the name “Roman Café” as a museum bistro and teahouse.

Italian coffee, cappuccino, tea and other beverages are served. Dishes such as sandwiches, freshly baked cakes or seasonal products are also on the new menu.

Hop Garden’s new restaurant

His parents have run “My Döner” in Augustinerstraße for several years. Berkay Özdemir has now opened his own restaurant just around the corner. “My Restaurant” is now located in the former “Sopra II”.

“My Restaurant”‘s offer is halal and includes veal doner kebabs and stir-fries, as well as lava-grilled specialties. Homemade falafel and lentil soup are vegetarian options. Also, the flatbread used for cooking is baked daily and Ayran prepares it by hand.

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