Unna’s fast food restaurant is permanently closed.

Initially, only the company holidays were announced until September 9, but now there is a notice announcing a permanent closure. There are new vacancies in Unnaer City.

“Dear guest, we are permanently closed,” reads on the front door. © Kevin Cohue

“Dear guest, we are permanently closed. We thank you for your loyalty and wish you all the best of luck! This is your nane team.” Notice on the front door of the (quick) restaurant nane on Bahnhofstrasse, no one was able to reach you by phone on Mondays and Tuesdays, and written inquiries from editors about the reason for the closure have so far gone unanswered.

Sebim and Ramazan Kalapat opened Nane (Turkish Mint) in early 2019, and their dream came true.

Sevim and Ramazan Kalafat (second and third from right) after opening in 2019 with the team in “nane”. © Archive/Anna Gemund

There were also traditional snack menus such as doner kebab and currywurst, but lentil soup and fried vegetables were already on the menu as you can see at the previous restaurant ‘Sardunya’.

‘Nane’, with swings instead of regular chairs, carpets on the walls, and stylish furniture, was not a snack bar, but a mix of a cafe and a restaurant. With the lockdown, Unna’s gourmet is now poorer on one side. And Bahnhofstrasse unfortunately has one more seat.

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