Vicenhausen primary school students learning to cook

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Cooking fun: students in class 3a at the Casper School in Vicenhausen. Together with Michael Weise (rear left), they prepare vegetable soup on a cooking bus on the school yard. © Hannah Kohlen

Students at Kesperschule Witzenhausen cut potatoes, carrots, celery, leeks and leeks. For lunch, fresh vegetable soup is on the menu.

Witzenhausen – 10 students from class 3a sit together on a cooking bus visiting an elementary school in Witzenhausen for 3 days. The second floor, converted into a cooking and baking bus, was proposed by the Essen Knowledge Foundation Eildermann in Berlin. It is led by Michael Weise, who travels across Germany on a knowledge bus. “I also attend secondary school and kindergarten,” says Weise. His youngest guest on the cooking bus was only one year old. The goal is to introduce children to healthy eating as soon as possible. This is also why Claudia Küster of the Werra-Meißner Company Health Insurance Fund (BKK) booked the cooking bus. BKK will bear the cost of the project. “It’s great that kids can cook and experience healthy food in such a unique atmosphere,” says Küster.

Experienced bricklayer Weise says there have been few cooking bus reservations in the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. He received additional training in baking and cooking through the Essen Knowledge Foundation Eildermann and Baker’ Guild. He has been driving cooking and baking buses through the Republic for 5 years.

During the day, Weise looks after a small group of five on the cooking bus. Herb quarks for breakfast, vegetable soup for lunch, and refreshing ginger-lime lemonade from Weiss in the afternoon. “Soup is best prepared with children. But they also serve other meals,” says Weise.

Food is all local

Help the children prepare hard. They are all initially equipped with an apron and a chef hat. Most people already know how to use vegetable peelers and cutting knives. “When I cook at home, I usually allow chopping,” says 9-year-old Martha.

It is especially important to Weise that the food comes from the region. He sends the menu to the school so that students can point out any allergies or intolerances before visiting on the cooking bus. Sausages are also added to vegetable soups. “But not in a large bowl, but directly on the students’ plates.” In this way, consider vegetarians or children who do not eat pork.

After cooking together, we eat together.

We are looking after up to 15 children at the same time. He prepares a good time for each group. Then, the group will taste the prepared meal together.

In the future, the cooking bus will also stop at the Gelstertal school in Hundelshausen and the Lindenhof school in Gertenbach. This was an important point for Claudia Küster. All three elementary schools in the city should have had a chance to get acquainted with the cooking bus. “It’s important to invest your money locally.” If a school is interested in an offer, it can contact BKK.

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