Weekend: Here’s what the house tastes like: Seeland barley soup that once fortified ballerinas

Helga Kleist is 83 years old and a petite old lady. She is St. I used to dance as a ballerina at the Gallen City Theater. You wouldn’t expect her favorite dish to be hearty, like Seeland barley soup. In fact, the soup is still regularly served at the table for lunch today.

Helga Kleist, 83 years old, lives in Constance.

Helga Kleist, 83 years old, lives in Constance. | Image: Jana Court

“This dish reminds me of my sleepy mother,” she said over dinner. “During summer break we danced in the spa theater in Baden near Zurich and slept with our host parents. So lucky to be with my sleeping mom Aunt Rosi and her husband Uncle Sepp! They were very friendly and spoiled me with great and hearty food. I also learned a little cooking from Aunt Rosi, including how to prepare the Seeländer soup!” This soup is a real energy source. With lots of vegetables and spices, it is very tasty and great for freezing.

“As a dancer, I spent all day in the theater.” she recalls. “She never had time to eat,” she said. After the show, around midnight, the group often ate together or with sleeping parents, and spicy soups like Seeländer soup were just right! This soup gave me enough energy for the next day.”

Dancing is still Helga Kleist’s favorite pastime to this day. Now she dances flamenco with 12 other women once a week in Konstanz-Litzelstetten. “I remember she had castanets in her hands when she performed in traditional Spanish costumes! I never dreamed I would be taking flamenco classes again at my age!” she says with a genuine laugh.

ingredient: 1 onion, finely chopped
White beans 100g, 150g (barley/
barley), 2 carrots, 1 leek,
1 celery, 100g chopped bacon,
1 tbsp fat or oil, 2 cubes of broth,
Wienerle, love

Ready: Soak beans the day before. Discard the soaked water the next day. Steam the bacon until translucent, then add the onion and vegetables, sauté lightly, then pour in 2.5 liters of water. Add beans and pearl barley and boil for 2 hours. Then add the stock cubes and season with salt and pepper. Cut the robage and Wienerle into small pieces and add. Cheers! (Jima)

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