Which instant soup are you sure about the quality and taste?

Comparison of taste and ingredients

Ready-made lentil soup in the test: this brand is the winner.

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amazing ingredient test

Lentil Soup in Expert Test: This Brand Wins.

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Amazing ingredients in one product

A Large Plate Filled with Hot Soup: What’s Better in Autumn? The hearty version, especially with lentils and sausage or meat, tastes good and fills the stomach. We tested the quality and taste of three canned lentil soups, from cheap to expensive. Incredible Ingredients Nutrition expert Stephan Lück discovers the amazing ingredients in the product, and he’s the clear winner in this video!

Canned lentil soup: the winner of the taste test

Of course, taste plays as much a role in brand comparison as the quality of ingredients. Does the test family agree with the expert’s results? Here is her verdict:

  • 1st place: Erasco Lentils Stew with Sausage *About 2.64 euros per 800g can
    According to tester Silke, “super” – both in consistency and taste. Sausages were enough. “I thought it was the best, and it tasted good,” agrees son Cem.
  • 2nd place: Yes! Pork Lentils StewAbout 0.96 euros per 800g can
    “Some potatoes, some carrots, some meat,” says mother Silk. But Cem loves it. She said, “It was delicious.”
  • 3rd place: Sonnen Bassermann Lentil Stew and Sausage *About 1.95 euros per 800g can
    Tester Silke’s verdict: “It was too thick to show any sausage at all. Not enough potatoes.”

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